2022 Foals


C&B I'm Boyfriend Material

Born April 9th, 2022

Ruby Sky Leila Baire  &
The Heartbreaker Romeo

Silver Buckskin

(E/E A/a CR Z W20/W20)

Bloodlines include;

The Business AKA The Boss, Ruby Sky (Clononeen) Bear,

Clononeen Mull of Kintyre, Shambo, Siofra

Photo by Chey R Photography and Design




C&B The Eastern Skyline

Born April 17th, 2022

Bailar de la Sombra & 

R Dorado

Silver Black 

(E/E a/a Z)

Bloodlines include; 

The Business (aka The Boss), Bob the Blagdon

The Roadsweeper UK, SD Woolly Mammoth...

Photo by Chey R Photography and Design


C&B The Magician

Born June 13th, 2022

Creamy Pearl of LexLin &
Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic

Black Double Pearl

(E/e a/a PRL/PRL)

Bloodlines include;

Golden Boy IRE, Shiredale Lenny's Royal Flame, 

Lenny's Horse, Clononeen Tumbleweed, 

Tumbled Dinah, The Dinah Mare,

Bee Gee, Lob, The Old Paddy Horse

Photo by Chey R Photography and Design


C&B Kiss the Prince

Born July 29th, 2022

LexLin's Honey Bray &
Southern Magnolia Irish Black Magic

Black Pearl

(E/e a/a PRL)

Bloodlines include;

Thomas' Bay, The Lottery Horse, 

Lenny's Horse, Clononeen Tumbleweed, 

The Producer, Lob, The Dinah Mare,

The Old Paddy Horse, The Midget

Photo by Stephanie Brown


C&B The L'Egant Oak Filly

Born August 2nd, 2022

Arianna of MVP &
C&B Dun N L'Egance


(E/E a/a D/nd2)

Bloodlines include;

The Paleface Horse, The Original Kent Horse,

Paddy Horse, The Coal Horse, The Roadsweeper UK,

The Lob, Clononeen Fionn MacCumhaill

Photo by Chey R Photography and Design


C&B The L'Egant Lady Nightshade

Due August 15th, 2022

DJ Esme &
C&B Dun N' L'Egance

Smoky Grulla Tobiano

(E/e a/a D/nd2 TO Cr)

Bloodlines include;

SD Woolly Mammoth, Bob the Blagdon, Lion King,

Black Forest Babydoll, Old Horse of Wales,

PO Mare, Sid's Good Stallion akaThe Frainy Horse, 

Pale Face Horse, Kent Horse, Paddy Horse, 

Lob, Clononeen Fionn MacCumhaill

Photos by Chey R Photography and Design