About C & B Ranch...

C&B Ranch is a small, military family owned farm, located in the beautiful state of Virginia. We neighbor cattle farmers, hay and harvest growers, and are surrounded by rich American history! We are in the middle of good ol' farm country and nestled on a modest 10-acre parcel, where we have begun our dream, raising quality horses... It is a passion and dream come to fruition. We breed and raise quality Gypsy Horses, of imported bloodlines, from England, Ireland and Wales. We currently have two mares, who are the foundation of our program, and we co-own a few others. Since we have started our own (human) family, we have taken a little bit of a break, but can help point you in the direction of honest and reputable breeders! Lucky for us, we have some amazing friends and Gypsy Horse Business Partners!

Although we specialize in Gypsy Horses, we also have a few Miniature Horses as well as Miniature Lamancha Goats! We will have some kids due next year! 

 We run a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Business, Forefront Wellness PEMF

Meet the FAMILY at C&B Ranch!

Cheyenne and Lachlan 

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Cheyenne Hall

Co-Owner & Manager

Started working on her passion in 2013, breeding, raising and showing Gypsy Horses. Originally called CR Signature Gypsy Cobs (CRS), in 2017 when she married Brandon, they changed it to C&B Ranch. Since 2013, many changes have taken shape to bring us to today, including moving from California to Virginia, and becoming a mother in March 2019. Cheyenne took her passion and ran with it. Not only is she the founder, manager and co-owner of C&B Ranch, but she is also PEMF Therapy Certified, and is a Practitioner for her Business, Forefront Wellness PEMF. Recently, with the determination to continue bettering herself, she became a Health Coach, to overall shape personal health and wellness. She is devoted to helping people and animals, as well as being a stay at home mom.

Brandon and Lachlan

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Brandon Hall

Co-Owner & Assistant to the Manager

Became involved in 2016, breeding and raising Gypsy Horses. Brandon is Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps, so he involves himself in as much as he can with the running of the Ranch. Since moving from California to Virginia, and becoming a father in March 2019, Brandon has worked hard on bettering himself and fully achieving goals for a career Instructing, Training and Coaching. Brandon has always supported Cheyenne, and is not only assistant to the manager (joke from a show) and co-owner of C&B Ranch, but he is also shaping his personal health and wellness. An entire family that is devoted to helping people, each other and all animals.

Cheyenne, Lachlan and Brandon

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Lachlan Hall

*In-Training* ​Assistant Assistant to the Manager

Lachlan is "in-training" as Assistant Assistant to the Manager. He is Cheyenne & Brandon's son, born March 2019. He is their pride and joy, and is apart of the daily ranch life. Assisting in brightening the day, bringing a smile to everyone he meets, as well as helping Momma feed, water and care for animals, he's growing up with hard work and responsibility. He is going to be a great helper in the years to come! Lachlan's the best boy ever!