Bailar En La Somra


DOB: 1/1/2015

Breed: Paso Fino Cross

Dam: Unknown

Sire: Unknown

Registered: PSHR

Color: Black Bay (EE Aa)

CLEAR of all genetic disorders


Sombra is a 2015 (based off her teeth) mare, who we rescued from Orange Livestock Market in September 2019. She is a Paso Fino cross mare, and her DNA was verified to be at least part Paso. We have Etalon Diagnostics running additional panels to see what her ancestry may pair up to. Regardless of what she really is, we adore her and her cute little gaited self! She is gaited, which means, she is very smooth to ride. Because of this, and her unknown heritage, we are working on getting her hardship registered with the PSHR (Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry) a registry based around smooth, comfortable, gaited riding horses. We have been letting her settle, get used to us, and have started her riding career. She shows wonderful promise, and has already been out on the trails. We are hoping she ends up being a solid trail riding horse, and maybe even get her into mounted shooting. She is a lovely addition to C&B Ranch! We have decided to register her, we will call her "Bailar En La Sombra" which means 'Dance in the Shadow'.

C&B _________


Sired by DJ Del Fuego