C&B Ranch 

Hall's Gypsies

This ranch is our dream come true. 

C & B Ranch’s values of honesty, integrity, faithfulness to one another, to our country and to our family. Our morals make us not only passionate about what we do, but eager to help all we can. 

Hall’s Gypsies because of the pride we have for our horses, and what we produce and raise, quality Gypsy Horses. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can either create it, or help you find it. 

We are partnered with our dear friends, Ruby Sky Ranch (in California), 

and currently work side by side with Terra Bella Ranch (in Virginia). 

Our Stallion, WHR Ten Outta Ten, is co-owned by, Vermont Gypsy Horses (in Vermont) and 

we co-own our mare Lightning of Lexlin with Hobby Horse Farm (in Wyoming). 

We are also close friends with a few phenomenal, honest and fair Gypsy Horse farms, who we highly recommend!!! Bridge Creek Gypsy Vanners (in Georgia), Red Star Stable (in Texas), Zephyr Farms (in Virginia), Gypsy Gems Farm (in Virginia), New River Vanners (in North Carolina), Ravengate Ranch (New Mexico), Clarion Call Farm (in Texas), Rumonek Acres (in Michigan), Touch of E'Legance Farm (in Michigan), Feathered Horse Farm (in Wisconsin), Footloose Farm (in South Carolina) so we cover top to bottom, coast to coast, from sea to shining sea. We will happily help you find your dream horse!