C&B Ranch 

Hall's Gypsies

About C & B Ranch...

C&B Ranch is a small, military family owned farm, located in the beautiful state of Virginia. 

We breed and raise quality Gypsy Horses, of imported bloodlines, from England, Ireland and Wales. 

We currently have 3 Gypsy Mares, who are the foundation of our program, 1 Paso Fino Mare, a promising Gypsy Stud Colt, and we co-own a few others. Each year we have carefully planned a number foals, some of which will be available for purchase. More information available. 

We are personal friends with a few phenomenal, 

honest, and fair Gypsy Horse farms all over the coast.

We work personally with our dear friends, Ruby Sky Ranch (in CA), 

Terra Bella Ranch (in VA), and New River Vanners (in NC). 

If we do not have something you are looking for, we are certainly happy to help you connect with someone who might! We will help point you in the direction of honest and reputable breeders, no matter where you live in the world. Lucky for us, we have some amazing friends and Gypsy Horse Business Partners.

Meet the FAMILY at C&B Ranch!

Cheyenne and Lachlan 

© Brandon Hall

Cheyenne Hall

Co-Owner & Manager

Cheyenne started working on her passion in 2013, breeding, raising and showing Gypsy Horses. Originally called CR Signature Gypsy Cobs (CRS), in 2017 when she married Brandon, they changed it to C&B Ranch. 


©  Chey R Photography

Brandon Hall

Co-Owner & Assistant to the Manager

Brandon became involved in 2016, breeding and raising Gypsy Horses. Brandon is Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps, so he involves himself in as much as he can with the running of the Ranch. Together we are working towards our dreams of having a full operating ranch. 


© Chey R Photography

Lachlan Hall

*In-Training* ​Assistant Assistant to the Manager

Lachlan is "in-training" as Assistant Assistant to the Manager. He is Cheyenne & Brandon's first son, born 2019. He assists in brightening the day, bringing a smile to everyone he meets, as well as helping Momma feed, water and care for animals, he's growing up with hard work and responsibility.